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3 reviews for Nutratech Atrafen Elite

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Tremblay

    Love this!!! but be advised that this quite a strong product and may surprise you at first even if you’ve tried other strong fat burners like this.

    I have tried a handful of similar ‘stimulant based’ diet pills in the past and considered myself to have a ‘high tolerance’ for stimulants but Atrafen Elite still gave me a huge kick on my first dose.

    Considering my experience and expected tolerance I took my first dose on an empty stomach and in hindsight that was probably a dumb move. I felt extremely stimulated and sitting down at my desk was a challenge in willpower as I just felt like getting up and running laps around the office. I also found myself turning down the thermostat as the whole ‘thermogenic’ claim, raising your metabolism and core body temperture to burn more calories, was no joke and I could feel my core body temperture was a bit heightened.

    After a few days I did adapt and gain a slight tolerance and learned what to expect from this products strength, but fellow first timers would be advised to start slow and allow their bodies to get used to such a strong product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jamie Williams

    This is a serious kick in the butt and I’m just blown away by the energy I feel this past week I’ve been taking it.

    For lack of better words I’ve let myself completely go as of late and have become quite lethargic — but this has me ultra energized and feeling the NEED to get active and get some exercise while on it.

    It’s my understanding that I might get used to this products potency and that the fast 0.5 ~ 1lb a day weight loss I’ve been experiencing should level out to more realistic levels soon, but I give this product a perfect score for it kick starting a lifestyle change and getting the momentum rolling for me to snap out of my lazy daily routines.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    LaTarshia Johnson (verified owner)

    I am so excited about this product. I give it an A+ for Giving me the momentum to have a productive work out! This product far exceeds my expectations. Please be advised to start slow as your body will adjust to the successful results.

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