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Atrafen Elite Professional Strength & Thermogenic Fat Burning Amplifier is Nutratech’s flagship fat loss and weight management supplement. Atrafen Elite was carefully formulated as a clinical strength diet pill using the most potent, influential, high quality and scientifically proven ingredients for safe, effective and dramatic weight management.

Tackling fat loss through multiple pathways such as thermogenics, appetite suppression, craving control and influence of metabolic and hormonal systems – Atrafen Elite is a powerful multi-faceted weight control supplement intended to provide immediate and extreme results for its users.

If you have tried other diet products in the past with less than impressive results… it's time to give Atrafen Elite a shot and see why it’s a cut above the sea of average products currently available over the counter. With a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on every Nutratech order, see for yourself what makes our premier diet supplement the head of its class completely risk free today.

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3 reviews for Nutratech Atrafen Elite

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Tremblay

    Love this!!! but be advised that this quite a strong product and may surprise you at first even if you’ve tried other strong fat burners like this.

    I have tried a handful of similar ‘stimulant based’ diet pills in the past and considered myself to have a ‘high tolerance’ for stimulants but Atrafen Elite still gave me a huge kick on my first dose.

    Considering my experience and expected tolerance I took my first dose on an empty stomach and in hindsight that was probably a dumb move. I felt extremely stimulated and sitting down at my desk was a challenge in willpower as I just felt like getting up and running laps around the office. I also found myself turning down the thermostat as the whole ‘thermogenic’ claim, raising your metabolism and core body temperture to burn more calories, was no joke and I could feel my core body temperture was a bit heightened.

    After a few days I did adapt and gain a slight tolerance and learned what to expect from this products strength, but fellow first timers would be advised to start slow and allow their bodies to get used to such a strong product.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jamie Williams

    This is a serious kick in the butt and I’m just blown away by the energy I feel this past week I’ve been taking it.

    For lack of better words I’ve let myself completely go as of late and have become quite lethargic — but this has me ultra energized and feeling the NEED to get active and get some exercise while on it.

    It’s my understanding that I might get used to this products potency and that the fast 0.5 ~ 1lb a day weight loss I’ve been experiencing should level out to more realistic levels soon, but I give this product a perfect score for it kick starting a lifestyle change and getting the momentum rolling for me to snap out of my lazy daily routines.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    LaTarshia Johnson (verified owner)

    I am so excited about this product. I give it an A+ for Giving me the momentum to have a productive work out! This product far exceeds my expectations. Please be advised to start slow as your body will adjust to the successful results.

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