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Nutratech Orlistol

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Orlistol by Nutratech Health has been carefully researched and formulated to mimic the results of the popular prescription weight loss medication Orlistat (Xenical). It's proprietary blend of legal over the counter ingredients, have been scientifically shown to provide many of the same benefits of this medication and result in fast and ongoing fat loss through a variety of factors. With a 100% money back guarantee feel free to try Orlistol today and see for yourself what makes it's special formula so special.

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Nutratech’s Orlistol is an advanced weight loss formula specifically designed to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates and fatty acids in the bodies metabolic process. Through this process Orlistol aids in calorie control whilst also providing several other weight loss benefits such as; appetite suppression and slightly increased resting metabolism. See for yourself why early customer reviews and pre-sale feedback have been overwhelming positive! Orlistol carb-blocking supplement is one of the most effective fat loss diets and also very powerful.

It has had years of in depth research studies targeted at identifying the right weight loss combination. They use a multi-system approach to suppress cravings, reduce appetite and burn more fat. In the test results, those taking Orlistol lost 37% more weight and also consumed 20% less food for each meal compared to the rest. Nutratech Health’s unique formula blocks absorption of carbs thus reducing blood sugar level and prompting fat burning to provide energy. It is advisable to combine Orlistol with Atrafen and other Nutratech thermogenic fat loss systems for the best results.

With this combination, you will lose one extra pound for every two you are currently shedding away. Orlistol is designed to increase body energy, prevent more carbs from entering the blood stream and turning into fat deposits. The formula suppresses appetite leading to consumption of fewer calories per day while ramping up fat metabolism. It has a double action; suppressing the appetite and cravings for curbs (thus eating less junk/carbs), and blocking absorption of the carbs that you actually eat. This ensures your carb intake is maintained at minimal until all undesirable belly fat is used up.

Like the other supplements, Orlistol is offered backed by a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.

4 reviews for Nutratech Orlistol

  1. 5 out of 5


    If your a goal that reaches out to carbs and breads of all forms late at night like me and most of my overweight friends. Orlistol is a safe bet to use. At the very least 7-8 days in, it really has me re-considering the late night pantry raids since I’ve paid a good amount of swag for a carb blocking product why would I shoot myself in the foot, or rather stomach, trying to put it to the test with my horrible late night habits.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Adding a carb blocker like orlistol does make a big difference… I’m an amateur weight lifter and I’m currently in a cutting cycle (maintain muscle lose fat)

    I have done these types of cycles and diets many times, ussually just using a strong thermogenic stimulant based diet pill to amp up calorie expenditure…

    Once I started adding in carbohydate blockers that include the ingredient Chitosan, I definitely started noticing a difference.

    Nutratech’s orlistol is right up there with the best carbohydrate blocking supplements I’ve tried over the last 2 years and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone trying to maintain lean body mass and cut out the fat

  3. 5 out of 5


    This stuff is awesome! I bought it with the thermodrops and together its like my appetite is one tenth of what it used to be. I wasn’t expecting such powerful appetite suppresion but it certainly is amazing because I bought this to help with my tendency to do late night carb binges after working hard hours on graveyard shift and turning to food for comfort.

    It’s called a carb blocker and fat absorption blocker but by far the biggest benefit I have noticed is that it makes me eat less of these in the first place! If its really working to block carbohydrates and fats like “orlistat medication” as I get the jist of from the medication than this would explain how I’m finally seeing weight loss results after trying a handful of products over the last 18 months to get my belly growth under control. 10/10 for this and will be buying again.

  4. 5 out of 5


    To begin with, I started using Alli as a diet pill and a way to maintain my weight. It did not work all that well, and there were significant side effects to deal with. I decided to go online and try and find an alternative. That is when I discovered Orlistol. It helped me lose the weight I wanted to lose, and maintain the weight I wanted to be at, all without the side effects that I had experienced with Alli. I would recommend this product to any woman looking for a safe and effective way to lose and maintain your weight. I have already recommended it to my friends.

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